Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials:

We can’t thank you enough for all you have done…

Latching perfectly right away with Tanya observing…


Get Babied Doulas,

Below is the baby announcement we sent out for our little Anders Keane Hoogendyk.

Kim went through a really long laboring, and had a TON of support from Tanya as

our Doula. I believe she had a lot of support from the rest of the Doula’s while

she was with us. A HUGE HUGE HUGE thank you going out to the support given for

Kim during this experience. Especially for the crazy amount of time and energy

that Tanya provided. We are incredibly indebted to the help we received.

After this experience Kim and I already know that we would love to share our birth

story at a meet the Doulas night or tea event. We had the type of experience you

never expect, but are incredibly thankful that you invested in making sure you had

the support needed to make it through. We can’t send out enough thanks!


Anders has been incredible since his birth. Latching perfectly right away with

Tanya observing, and continuing to be a champ for feedings. In everything else

he is passing with flying colors with all his tests and we were in post partum

care for just about 24 hours before going home (less time than we were in labor).

He has been easily soothed by any technique that we have been using, and loves

swaddling. He seems to be picking up self soothing quickly and already seeing

some strength in his neck to move it around.

-Mike H


 Thank you so much again Tanya for your wisdom, expertise,  support and love…


Hey Tanya,

I just wanted to say that I will be forever indebted to you for all of the support you gave to me during my labor. Looking back, I really and truly could not have accomplished what I did without your support and encouragement. I cannot believe that I actually accomplished birthing my baby without pain meds and knowing my body enough to recognize (eventually) that I was capable of doing it. I appreciated both you and my husband reminding me of my mission and helping me just get through one contraction at a time and not worrying about what would happen 1 hour down the road. We are so thrilled to have our little Matthew with us and he could not be anymore perfect.

Thank you so much again Tanya for your wisdom, expertise, support and love. It was a joy to work with you and I really look forward to seeing you again real soon. We are already talking about when we would like to plan for the next child : )

ps. This pic is of Riley getting to hold her little brother for the very first time.

Lots of Love,

~ Whitney P.

 I immediately felt at ease with her… Our experience with Get Babied! and using a collective doula was everything we could have asked for and more. We went to one Meet the Doulas night, and attended their child birth education classes and the caring for your newborn class. Through these interactions we met with almost all the doulas. However, when the time came the doula that was on-call was one we had never met.

Tanya began developing a rapport with me over the phone while I labored at home. She went out of her way to put me at ease and assure me that she was there for me. She met my husband and me and the hospital and I immediately felt at ease with her. She was with me for the next 10+ hours and provided me with an amazing amount of support through her words, her touch and insurmountable knowledge. I can honestly say that I would not have made it as long as I did without an epidural if it had not been for her. She could find the “magic spot” every time to make the pains of labor bearable instead of excruciating.

I had to have a c-section to deliver my healthy baby girl. This does not reflect on the doula services at all. My baby was simply stuck. This is when Tanya shined the most. She put my mind at ease that this was what needed to happen to deliver a healthy baby. She remained with my husband and me for additional hours while we waited for the surgery to happen. During that time her presence was our rock.

In short, the doulas at Get Babied! know what they are doing. So much so that they can arrive at any time and jump right in without skipping a beat. I never once felt there was a stranger in the room. Tanya was at times my mother, my sister, my best friend or the strength of every woman who has ever given birth. Most times I just had to look into her eyes and I knew I could do “it”.

Molly G.








It became possible with a doula…

Birth Story from Mom’s Point of View







My doula wasn’t able to save me from a pitocin-induced labor, but I firmly believe that her presence 

prevented the possible need for forceps, vacuum, or a cesarean with my posterior “natural” birth.

I had planned on my fourth and last birth being a natural birth – I have had one midwife-attended homebirth 

and two previous hospital births. The biggest factor for us with a large family was cost, and our insurance 

only covered hospital births and obstetricians. So we were seeing an obstetrician and planning a “natural 

hospital birth”. At month seven, I attended the “Meet the Doula” night and hired a doula through GetBabied.

I always go quite a bit past my due date, so avoiding an induction was my biggest goal. I did everything 

you can think of – acupuncture, acupressure, spicy food, etc. The doulas helped me with ideas and recommendations 

for people to see – all were wonderful. Because my two previous inductions ended with epidurals- I mistakenly 

believed you HAD to have one with an induction – which my doula corrected me about on the day of my “emergency” 

induction at 41+3 weeks. I was literally driving to the hospital with my induction orders, defeated, talking to my doula 

on the phone as she pep-talked me back into the “natural birth is still an option” zone, even with the impending 


At the hospital, the doula’s knowledge enabled her to go “toe-to-toe” with my doctor without me feeling that I had 

to become an expert on birth practices. I just had to show up, focus, and have the baby! The first possible 

intervention was right away – upon arrival the baby was mysteriously having heart rate accelerations and 

decelerations and dr. started talking c-section (!) one hour after we arrived.

Tanya (my doula) quickly jumped in, asked questions, and bought us time to get the baby back to normal 

where he stayed all night.

Dr. backed off about the c-section and brought on the pitocin. They upped the pitocin over the next 6 

hours with me being happy for having non-painful contractions. Tanya was waiting for (and wanting) me 

to get “f***ing uncomfortable”, and I finally did.

We then labored on the birth ball until I mentally felt like I couldn’t take any more contractions. When I got 

to the point where I started thinking about an epidural, I focused on what I learned in my childbirth classes: 

when a woman starts to feel like giving up, she is close.

I didn’t know how close I was; I just needed to get through each contraction one-by-one. I tried a few different 

positions then wanted to go to the bathroom and have some privacy because I felt like I was emotionally overwhelmed. 

I asked Rocky (my husband) to come in and provide support and felt like I could cry in front of him.

I gathered my strength, went back out to the arena and was ready to push. Little did I know what was to come!

Tanya helped me into position – I did not want to labor on my back in bed but luckily, pushing actually made the 

painful “pressure waves” hurt less. From my last natural birth, I knew that my body would just push the baby 

out on its own. That’s why I was so surprised when the contractions were pushing the baby, I was pushing 

the baby, and nothing was happening.

I became frustrated quickly and tried to just focus on and listen to what TANYA (out of all the voices) was 

telling me to do. My dr. was no help at all. She was just staring at me like I was knitting socks or something. 

The nurse was impatiently saying “hug your baby” but I didn’t know what she meant. I was pushing against my 

legs for pain relief, but I needed to pull.

Pushing (pulling?) quickly began to feel *impossible* and I’m pretty sure I kept saying “I can’t do this” where 

Tanya replied “yes you can” and dr. probably would have grabbed her forceps or vacuum listening to me without 

tough-as-nails Tanya at my side. If I had had an epidural, I KNOW I would not have been able to push the way 

they needed me to.

At that point I just wanted the pain to be over and was thinking “just cut me open and get this baby out.” 

THEN…Tanya told me three more big pushes and the baby would be out. Okay, I’ll try Tanya. Four pushes 

and I don’t know how or why but I pushed out my 9lb 1 oz baby boy. She was right! He did come out – face up! 

I told my husband later that when they were asking me to push it felt like they were asking me to move a wall 

with my mind. As hard as I tried, nothing was happening. I honestly thought it was impossible. It became 

possible with a doula.

~ Dana