Tanya Phillips has assisted and empowered women at over 300 births during the past 28 years.In 1987 she became a member of La Leche League, began labor assisting at a local hospital, and gave birth to her first daughter.  Her second daughter was born at home in 1990.  She received her B.A. in Education at the University of Northern Iowa in 1993 and apprenticed as a Midwife Assistant the following year.  She is currently an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant, with experience in WIC clinics, Mom’s Place, and the Seton Network of hospitals as well as a Certified Birth Doula with ICEA.  She spent 3+ years as a Certified Doula and LC with Get Babied Doula Collective using a Centering Model of Care for Austin clientele and in now working in private practice only.

She is the treasurer for the HOTLC‘s and a member of ILCAUSLCAICEACAPPATXBC, and HMHB.

What is an IBCLC and Why a Mother might need one?  CLICK HERE